Arroyo Crossing

Say hello to our first four homeowners at Arroyo Crossing! Community Rebuilds is partnering with the Moab Area Community Land Trust (MACLT), a fellow community-based affordable housing non-profit, to create twelve affordable homes at their new Arroyo Crossing development. Once finished, the development will provide 300 affordable housing units, three community buildings, a bike path, and a childcare center. To learn more about Arroyo Crossing and the Community Land Trust visit the MACLT page here.  Community Rebuilds begins vertical construction in 2021.

Kate Weigel CR.jpg

Kate Weigel | Moab, Winter 2021

Kate moved to Moab originally to learn to build straw-bale houses with Community Rebuilds (and for the rock climbing!), but has been passionate about affordable housing for over a decade. In 2011, she biked from Maine to Santa Barbara for affordable housing causes with Bike and Build, and she did a year of AmeriCorps service with Habitat for Humanity in Columbus, Ohio in 2018. Since moving to Moab, she’s been active with several community organizations including Underdog Rescue, Bee Inspired Gardens and The USU Extension Permaculture Initiative. Now she works full time for the Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah, helping folks achieve their dreams of homeownership. She’s excited to be able to make her own homeownership dreams come true, with the help of CR, and to be able to live in the community she’s been helping to build!

Alex de Moor | Moab, Winter 2021

A native of South Africa, Alex moved a lot before finding himself on the Colorado Plateau. After studying Tsunamis and Earthquakes in Oregon he realized that the coast was a terrifying place and, after being offered a job at Canyonlands Field Institute in 2016, moved to the beautiful (and mostly tectonically stable) Moab. He continues to work at CFI as the Education Director and, much like an underdog rescue puppy, is ready for his forever home. You can usually find him talking about rocks on the river, on his bike, or with a fly rod in his hand to any and all that will listen.

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Brennan Gillis pic.jpg

Brennan Patrick Gillis  | Moab, Winter 2021


Brennan Patrick Gillis has been dreaming of homeownership since he built his first Lego cabin. While Legos are an impractical building material in the Moab area, he is still excited to be working with Community Rebuilds. He enjoys boating, reading, exploring, and darts. Brennan can usually be found trail running, checking for bugs under a rock, or in the KZMU radio booth. Periodically, he gets lost in canyons. He has even been known to engage chickens in staring contests, but he usually loses.


Janis Adkins  | Moab, Winter 2021

My name is Janis. I came here in 1990 to climb, raft, and hike. And just stayed. It’s so easy to fall in love with the quiet beauty, the solitude and all the extremes of the place. But then there is this amazing supportive community of friends. You blow me away with your kindness.

My background is plants, I worked at nurseries most of my life, then I started one here. The nursery was a mixture of native and non-native drought tolerant plants. We had many demo gardens and plans for many more. The economy crashed in ‘08’ and I could not hold on. I moved away for a bit, but the rocks and canyons and the community of Moab called me back over and over. I could not say no. Moab you have my heart and always will.

I am semi-retired now and work at Moonflower Community Co-op. My background in plants took me on a journey of herbal studies and healing. It’s one of the many ways I like to give back to the community that’s always given to me. Thank you Moab.

Thank you to Community Rebuilds in helping me land on my feet again. Blessings to all.


Community Rebuilds is finishing up construction Summer of 2021 on a new subdivision in Spanish Valley. For the Stawburb homes CR changed up our home designs by adding a clerestory roof and experimenting with new exterior siding. Homes in this project are finished with reclaimed wood, cedar, and metal siding along with our traditional plaster. Look out for our upcoming open house on June 23rd 4PM-8PM to check out our new designs!

Angelina Brock  | Moab, Fall 2020


Hello there! My name is Angelina. I am overjoyed that I have been selected to do a build with CR. This is an amazing opportunity for members of our community. I’m a longtime Moab local with an abundant history in the area. My Grandfather Walker’s family was here in Moab before it was considered a city by the state. My mother was born and raised here. I have many family members that still live here in Moab, including my father, Steve Brock. I haven’t always lived in the Moab Valley. Whilst away, I often thought of Moab. Beautiful red rocks with the striking blue sky; what an amazing color contrast. When given the opportunity, I relocated back here. I’ve been a resident for little over 20 years of my adult life. I’m currently employed as a manager at one of Moab’s most successful restaurants, The Moab Brewery. It’s a challenging job with a lot of benefits. I work with some great people, have ample chances to learn new things about business, people, and things related to my duties as a manager. I generally like people, so the service industry  seemed a smart match. I love being outside and playing in the yard/garden. I think I’m a good fit for The Strawburb. I’m ready to start this project, resulting in some stronger roots in Moab. Life will be good on Easy Street!

Anna Sprout  | Moab, Fall 2020


My name is Anna Sprout. I've lived in Moab for the past four years. I moved here for mountain biking and stayed here for the community. Along with my pup, Boone, I've explored every inch of our mountain biking trails, worked in our bike shops and built a community of friends who have become my family. I think that's what happens in Moab and why we stay. Before I moved to Moab, I received my Bachelors in Science and Masters in Education. I am incredibly fortunate that I'm able to pursue this passion for education in Moab as the ninth grade math teacher for our county. I love what I do and am grateful to be in my classroom. Boone is ready to build his forever home in Moab. I'm incredibly grateful to build our home with Community Rebuilds.  

Tim Schall  | Moab, Fall 2020


I moved to Moab in 2008 to become a mountain bike guide. Since then I have guided Moab, all over the American West, South America, and Italy. I have ridden some of the best mountain bike trails in the world. At the end of the season I always find myself so happy to be back in Moab. Moab is truly a beautiful and magical place. I am grateful for the opportunity to establish permanent roots and call Moab home.

Amrah Hubbard  | Moab, Fall 2020


My name is Amrah Hubbard. I found Moab after traveling for a few years, only intending to stay for a summer. I should have known better. The longer you live here, the more you realize there is more to explore. My first years were spent “working” and playing with mountain bikes. Now I work for Grand County EMS, Moab Regional Hospital, and Grand County SAR. At USU I’m taking classes towards the nursing program. I look forward to working alongside and learning from all the amazing people that are a part of this program. Moab is obviously an amazing place to live and I feel honored that Community Rebuilds gives the opportunity to make this place a home.