What opportunities are there to work with CR? 

We offer build internships, program administration internships, AmeriCorps apprenticeships, various AmeriCorps VISTA roles, and occasional staff positions. We also accept volunteers of all abilities on our build sites! 


What skills are taught in the CR internship? When I graduate will I be able to build my own house? 

The Community Rebuilds internship focuses on foundational conventional and natural building skills. Becoming a master builder is a life long journey! Unless you come in with prior building experience, and/or put in substantial self study outside of CR, it is unlikely you will be ready to build your own home right after the internship. However, we are sure you'll be more excited and confident about the possibilities after building with us! We teach building principles, site assessment, straw stacking, blown cellulose insulation, reading plans, natural and lime plasters, framing, window and door installation, cabinet and counter top building and installation and more.


Does CR exist anywhere else? How hard is it to start a program like this? 

CR is totally unique to Moab! As far as we know there are no other self-help housing programs which also teach natural building. We are happy to help you on your journey if starting a program is one of your goals. The best way to get a sense of how CR runs is to come intern with us! Along with our build internship, we have program internships available where students learn the administrative and program management side of Community Rebuilds. 


Can I come late or leave early? 

We do occasionally make exceptions for individual situations. However, due to the needs and nature of our project, we may prioritize those who are able to come for the full internship. Please send in your application and essay and we will be happy to discuss your specific situation during your interview. 


Can I do the internship with my partner or best friend? 

Yes! You can apply with your partner and we will make every effort to get you both in together. 


Do you accept international interns? 

Yes! International applicants are responsible for securing their own Visa. We will provide a letter stating that you have been accepted to our internship and a date by which you will need to have secured a Visa. We love working with our international interns! 


What are your COVID protocols? 

We have drastically reduced our internship class size to allow for each intern to have their own bedroom. This allows for social distancing and prepares us for quarantine situations if necessary. We wear masks when working within 6 feet of each other, such as in the office and on the build site. We have set up hand washing stations on each build site and sanitize tools at the end of each day. We also have the option of routine free COVID testing, which most of our community takes advantage of. 


Can I bring my dog/cat/gerbil?

Unfortunately, pets are not permitted in any of our intern housing. You are welcome to come and be an unofficial intern as a volunteer to learn and work alongside us. Volunteers are responsible for finding their own housing while they are here. 


What time off will I have? 

The internship is a 40 hour per week commitment. There are occasional evening events such as group dinners, workshops, and educational panels, but otherwise evenings and weekends are free. We do ask for one weekend of work to build with one of our sponsors who supports the student education program. There is also a week-long break in the middle of the internship for travel, family visits, etc. Dates of the break will be released near the start of the internship once the build schedule is finalized. 


Can I get a second job? 

Yes. Moab is a seasonal town, so work in the service industry is abundant. However the internship is a big commitment, and working in construction for 40 hours per week is exhausting. We want you to be able to both enjoy the internship and engage in the community. If you do take on a second job, we recommend starting with only 1-2 shifts per week. 


Can I apply for the apprenticeship before I have completed the internship?


Yes! We will accept your application at any time. Both our internship and apprenticeship programs are competitive. For our apprentices we are looking for experienced people who are ready to step into leadership roles on the build team.