Current Projects

Kelby Groff | Moab, Spring 2020

Hello, my name is Kelby and I am super stoked to be building a naturally built eco home with Community Rebuilds.  I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to build on land that I actually grew up on.  I was born in Moab and raised next door to the build site where my parents still live.  I come from many generations of Moab people, and my family opened the first bicycle shop here " Rim Cyclery “, which helped bring the town out of an economic slump in the 80's. My father and his brother are in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame because of this.   I went to the University of Utah and received a Bachelor’s of Science degree with an emphasis on Ecology.  I have been running Rim Cyclery now for long enough that I sometimes lose track of how long it’s been. I have a passion for traveling and seeing concerts but I always LOVE coming HOME to MOAB and I always will!

Resford Rouzer | Moab, Spring 2020

Born and raised in Moab, Resford is really excited to build his own sustainable home in the community he grew up in. For the last four and a half years he has worked for the nonprofit Canyonlands Field Institute and is currently their Marketing & Communications Director. He also serves as a board member for CPRG (Colorado Plateau River Guides) and KZMU. He cares deeply about our community and wrote his master’s thesis on public land use and oral histories of the Colorado Plateau with photo documentation. When he isn’t doing nonprofit stuff you can find him out on the river rafting or exploring the desert.

Angelina Brock  | Moab, Fall 2020


Hello there! My name is Angelina. I am overjoyed that I have been selected to do a build with CR. This is an amazing opportunity for members of our community. I’m a longtime Moab local with an abundant history in the area. My Grandfather Walker’s family was here in Moab before it was considered a city by the state. My mother was born and raised here. I have many family members that still live here in Moab, including my father, Steve Brock. I haven’t always lived in the Moab Valley. Whilst away, I often thought of Moab. Beautiful red rocks with the striking blue sky; what an amazing color contrast. When given the opportunity, I relocated back here. I’ve been a resident for little over 20 years of my adult life. I’m currently employed as a manager at one of Moab’s most successful restaurants, The Moab Brewery. It’s a challenging job with a lot of benefits. I work with some great people, have ample chances to learn new things about business, people, and things related to my duties as a manager. I generally like people, so the service industry  seemed a smart match. I love being outside and playing in the yard/garden. I think I’m a good fit for The Strawburb. I’m ready to start this project, resulting in some stronger roots in Moab. Life will be good on Easy Street!

Anna Sprout  | Moab, Fall 2020


My name is Anna Sprout. I've lived in Moab for the past four years. I moved here for mountain biking and stayed here for the community. Along with my pup, Boone, I've explored every inch of our mountain biking trails, worked in our bike shops and built a community of friends who have become my family. I think that's what happens in Moab and why we stay. Before I moved to Moab, I received my Bachelors in Science and Masters in Education. I am incredibly fortunate that I'm able to pursue this passion for education in Moab as the ninth grade math teacher for our county. I love what I do and am grateful to be in my classroom. Boone is ready to build his forever home in Moab. I'm incredibly grateful to build our home with Community Rebuilds.  

Tim Schall  | Moab, Fall 2020


I moved to Moab in 2008 to become a mountain bike guide. Since then I have guided Moab, all over the American West, South America, and Italy. I have ridden some of the best mountain bike trails in the world. At the end of the season I always find myself so happy to be back in Moab. Moab is truly a beautiful and magical place. I am grateful for the opportunity to establish permanent roots and call Moab home.

Amrah Hubbard  | Moab, Fall 2020


My name is Amrah Hubbard. I found Moab after traveling for a few years, only intending to stay for a summer. I should have known better. The longer you live here, the more you realize there is more to explore. My first years were spent “working” and playing with mountain bikes. Now I work for Grand County EMS, Moab Regional Hospital, and Grand County SAR. At USU I’m taking classes towards the nursing program. I look forward to working alongside and learning from all the amazing people that are a part of this program. Moab is obviously an amazing place to live and I feel honored that Community Rebuilds gives the opportunity to make this place a home.

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