Thanks for taking the time to investigate this unique internship opportunity. Without the volunteer efforts of our interns, we could not reduce the cost of construction, and thus would not be able to provide affordable homes. We do not exaggerate when we say that our interns are the backbone of our organization. Participating in the internship program is a great opportunity to learn natural building skills, serve in the effort of affordable housing, and build life long friendships. But don't take our word for it – here from former interns in the video below:



Our Moab and Bluff program consistently runs on Spring and Fall terms, in which interns are invited to join our program for a five-month semester. Interns must be able to commit to the entirety of the program. The 2019 dates for all programs are as follows:

Moab – Spring | February -- June: Ongoing

Moab – Fall | July – December: Ongoing

Bluff – Spring | 2020 Dates TBD


Our Moab program has been consistently operating with two semesters per year since 2010. We have built in Gunnison, CO and Mount Crested Butte, CO, but at this time we will do not have plans to build in Colorado in 2018. We launched our pilot program in Bluff, UT in the Fall of 2018 and will be building there again in the Spring of 2020.

What We Provide

The main form of compensation comes in the form of education. While many natural building workshops and programs can cost thousands of dollars, we provide the education at no monetary cost to interns.

Interns are also provided with housing and a monthly food stipend of $100. Bulk foods are also kept stock at the house to help supplement food costs. Our campus, as e call it, is a communal living environment, and it equipped with internet, furniture, cookware, and washing machines. We can house up to 17 interns – it's cozy, but the house and relationship amongst the cohort is consistently a highlight for interns.

Additionally, we provide a safe and balanced learning environment for everyone who walks through our door. We are very focused on offering an equal opportunity to women, and members of the LGBTQIA community wishing to enter the construction field. Click here to learn more about how we a are creating a level building field.

What You'll Learn

In exchange for the education and housing, interns put in 40 hours per week on the job site, building, and learning daily under the guidance of our expert natural building instructors. Our program is very comprehensive, with interns contributing to the foundation, frame walls, install bales, apply a variety of natural plasters, pour adobe floors, learn about electrical, plumbing, solar photovoltaics  and permaculture, and take part in many other activities necessary to the completion of a home. Semesters are subject to some variability, as the schedule of any build is dependent on many factors, such as weather and unforeseeable build challenges. However, we assure that you will be an integral part of the build and will gain an unparalleled amount of natural and conventional construction experience. Additionally, though our internship program primarily consists of onsite, hands-on learning, the experience is occasionally supplemented with workshops, conferences, and field trips. There are no graded assignments, tests, or readings.

Our program is very team-oriented. Interns work together onsite and live together in a home provided by CR. They often get to know our selected homeowners quite well as they work with them side by side in the creation of their home. Similarly, because the place we build are located in wonderful, unique communities, interns have many opportunities to make new friends, perhaps volunteer with other awesome organizations, and invest a little piece of themselves into our CR communities. These partnerships are important to our organization which is based on the understanding that we are all neighbors ready to support each other and make our community better. 

Hear directly from our Fall 2017 crew in this video highlighting the build process from start to finish:

Expectations and Qualifications

  • Interns must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Interns must commit to the full semester.

  • Interns must have personal health insurance or a financial plan for medical costs as CR is not liable. 

  • Interns are required to work 40 hours a week onsite, and should view this experience as a job.

  • Interns are responsible for getting themselves to and from the work site. There are some bikes available at the Moab campus.  

  • Interns are expected to supply a number of tools for their personal use onsite. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: tape measure, speed square, utility knife and hammer.

  • Interns must be able to lift at least 30 pounds, work outdoors in variable weather, maintain a good attitude and be willing to get dirty!

  • Interns must reside in the housing provided by Community Rebuilds while participating in a CR program. Exceptions can be made on rare occasions.

Leaving the Program Early

Any intern who leaves the program early is required to make a compensation payment of $1000 to Community Rebuilds. These funds are used to hire labor to replace the absent student intern. In order to insure payment, we require each intern to provide us with credit card information or $1000 in the form of a check upon signing contract. Credit cards are charged and checks are cashed only if the intern leaves the program early. In some cases, interns may be excused from the program without penalty. Cases are reviewed by the CR staff and board to determine whether they qualify for early leave without penalty. This policy is not meant to intimidate you. If you are concerned about your ability to commit to an entire semester, please communicate with us.

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