Rikki Epperson

Executive Director

Rikki is a huge fan of CR and served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for nearly three years before becoming the Program Director, and now the Executive Director in Fall 2019. 2015 - present.

Ben website.JPG
Ben Zeitz-Moskin
Lena Jaffe

Program Coordinator

Lena worked as a build intern in the Fall of 2017, and an office intern Fall 2019. Lena is passionate about the intersection between environmental and community health, and calls Seattle and now Moab home. Staff January 2020 - present.

Ellie Grosse


Campus Sustainability Coordinator

AmeriCorps VISTA

Planning and Content Development

Ben is originally from Irvington New York. He came to Moab for the CR internship in 2020 from Colorado Springs. His interest in building comes from a background in visual art and he is excited to be rummaging through junk and exploring in Moab!

Originally from Chicago, Ellie studied sustainability in built environments in California and Southern Germany. She has a background in public art, research, and design. Ellie is excited to become a part of the natural building world!

April 2020 - present. 

Molly Gurney
Moab Spring 2021 Build Team
Alex Burbidge

Construction Supervisor

and Qualifier

Alex has been a natural builder in Moab for the past two decades. He came onto the team in the Fall of 2017 when it just so happened that CR was building next door to his home. 2017 - present. 

Amanda Jane

Construction Supervisor

Amanda Jane has worked with Community Rebuilds since 2016. She started her building career with Habitat for Humanity and worked there as a lead builder for 15 years. She studied natural building with Yestermorrow in Vermont and has worked on projects in North Carolina to Honduras. 

Andy Coppola

Assistant Construction Supervisor


Andy's intro to straw bale and clay plasters construction came in college and he quickly dreamed up elaborate homes he could sculpt from ground up. He is now with CR as an assistant builder. Fall 2020 - present.

Aidan McClean

Project Manager 

Aidan grew up splitting her time between parts of Oregon and California, eventually graduating from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. She left the advertising scene to embrace a more Earth conscious way of life, finding CR to fit those needs. 

Olivia Mendonca

Assistant Construction Supervisor

Olivia was an intern in Fall 2016, and spent the following four years working for Habitat for Humanity East Bay/Silicon Valley. She is now back with Community Rebuilds as an assistant builder. She is originally from California’s Central Valley. Spring 2021-present.

Jess Hough

Assistant Construction Supervisor

Jess is a builder with a background in affordable housing construction, art history, and design/build projects. She first worked with CR as an intern in 2016 and she’s back now. Spring 2021-present.

Victoria Hoang

AmeriCorps Apprentice

Victoria is originally from Philly and has a passion for biking, working towards the housing crisis in America and rocking out to music. A previous intern, she is coming in this year as an AmeriCorps apprentice and cannot wait for all that is yet to be learned and explored with Community Rebuilds.

Samuel Sickels

AmerCorps Apprentice

Samuel has a background in civil engineering and has passion for regenerative design & lifestyles. He's a Floridian who enjoys music, regenerative agriculture, native flora & fauna, healthy eats, and learning new things.

Leanna Usher

AmeriCorps Apprentice

Leanna, aka Butterbean, is from Atlanta, Georgia and uses she/they pronouns. She came to CR to learn more about the intersection of natural building and affordable housing justice. In her spare time she loves to cuddle animals, hike/swim/bike, stargaze, paint, hug trees, talk to plants, SING, dance, go to concerts, and laugh with her friends.

Smmo Ozawa

AmerCorps Apprentice

Smmo likes to think of ways we can design space to encourage ecological abundance and community connectivity. She is so grateful to be growing her skill set through contributing to the tangible building of resilient communities - especially among such kind people and in a place she loves so deeply!

Joe Bondi

AmeriCorps VISTA

Fundraising Coordinator

AmeriCorps VISTA

Planning and Development

Joe is in his first year as an AmeriCorps member. He has experience working in Landscape Architecture and is passionate about public space, living systems, and green infrastructure large & small. He is excited to help plan for upcoming CR homes & working with community land trusts. September 2020 - present. 

Molly calls Brattleboro, Vermont home. Driven by her passion for how space can allow for deeper connections between folks, Molly's experience includes facilitating dialogues on climate change, organizing for political change, and building fairy houses. She is excited to dive into the tangible ways of creating livable futures with CR. 

Reid headshot.jpg
Reid Saunders

Reid originally joined the CR team in 2018 as an AmeriCorps VISTA. After a year and a half of LBC coordination and planning in the office she became CR's Project Manager. September 2018 - April 2021.

Project Manager

Lead Builder

Cole Statts

Cole first joined us in the Spring of 2018, after being an intern, apprentice, and assistant builder, he stepped into the role of lead builder. Spring 2018 - Spring 2021.

cole staats.jpg
Doug Nichols

CR's "Cobbfather"

Doug has been a natural builder of over 20 years, and now  serves as a Natural Building Expert and consultant for CR. 

Fundraising Coordinator

AmeriCorps VISTA

Alivia Michalski

Alivia served a year as a Fundraising Coordinator, establishing grant databases and searching for partnerships with local businesses to diversify CR's funding sources. October 2019 - October 2020.

Jessica Manderfield

Program Director

Jess has been developing her career in natural building with CR since joining us as an intern in the Spring of 2014. She has built homes in Moab, Crested Butte, CO, and was the assistant supervisor for our Bunkhouse build. She joined the administrative side of CR as Program Director. 2014 - 2020.

Kenny Fallon Jr

Americorps VISTA

Planning and Development

Kenny got fired up about affordable housing while working on a 20K Home at Auburn University’s Rural Studio. He created new plans for upcoming CR homes and so much more. Fall 2019 - Fall 2020.


Founder / Executive Director

Emily is the founder of Community Rebuilds. She is proud of the accomplishments of the organization and the CR team in the pursuit of shifting the construction paradigm to be inclusive and regenerative.

Emily Niehaus
Jason Pronovost

Construction Supervisor

Jason has been an intern, board member, and CR fan since 2012. He recently built his own straw bale home prior to becoming an instructor in 2017. Spring 2012 - Spring 2020

Brittany Vallene


Brittany is originally from western Washington and has a background in Urban Planning. She served as an intern and then as an office intern in Spring of 2019. Brittany continued on as a build apprentice for Fall 2019 - Spring 2020.

Charlotte Van Voast

Office Intern

Charlotte was a build intern for the Fall 2019 semester and continued on as an office intern in Spring 2020. She sees adequate housing as both a basic human need and a complex challenge.

Jordan Deschamp

AmeriCorps VISTA 

Recruitment Coordinator

Jordan served as an intern in the Fall 2017 build. She enjoyed CR and Moab so much that she decided to come back as an AmeriCorps Vista to handle intern recruitment. August 2018 - Fall 2019. 

Melissa Graciosa

Construction Supervisor

An Oregon native, Melissa previously worked as a trail crew leader and youth educator. After being both an intern and apprentice, she became a supervisor. Spring 2015- Spring 2019. 

Jamie Shalvey

Office Intern

Jamie was an intern with Community Rebuilds in Fall 2018, and returned as an Office Intern. Originally from Virginia, she worked in a Boston planning firm prior to CR. Fall 2018- Spring 2019. 

Kenya Wright


Kenya is originally from the San Fransisco Bay Area. She was an intern in the Spring of 2016 and returned this past fall to work on our pilot build in Bluff, UT. Spring 2018-Spring 2019.  

Bluff photos 790.JPG
Karen George

Construction Supervisor

Karen is a natural builder for Build Like A Bird, LLC in Asheville, NC. She first built with CR in the Fall 2016 and is back as our Construction Supervisor for our pilot build in Bluff, UT.

Beatrice Denham


Bea worked with CR as an intern in 2016 and 2017 on builds in Crested Butte and Moab before becoming an apprentice in 2018, Fall 2016 - Fall 2018.

Maggie Stitzel

Assistant Construction Supervisor

Maggie is a native of Fort Collins, CO. She first came to CR as an intern in the Spring of 2017. After restoring homes in Detroit for the last year, she joined us to be a part of the campus build.

Callie Ochsner


Callie is originally from Arizona, has a background in civil engineering. She was an intern in the Spring of 2018 and is sticking around to apprentice with CR for the Fall of 2018 and Spring of 2019 semesters. Spring 2018- Spring 2019. 

Claire Spalding

AmeriCorps VISTA

Volunteer Coordinator

Claire was an intern for the Spring 2016 semester and decided to stay on for an additional 2 years through AmeriCorps. Her key duties centered around intern recruitment. February 2016 – July 2018.

Mitchell Heuer

Construction Supervisor

Mitch hails from Montana and has been a builder since 1990. Fall 2016.

Marcus Henderson


Originally from Harlem, NY, Marcus has a background in sustainable design and permaculture. Marcus joined us in the Spring of 2017 as an intern and continued on as an apprentice through the Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018. Spring 2017 - Spring 2018

Dusty Syzmanski

Construction Supervisor

Dusty is the principal at Straw and Timber Craftsman, and has worked with CR as the straw bale subcontractor and natural building instructor in Gunnison County, CO in both 2013 & 2016.

Amanda Stephenson


Originally from Dallas, TX, Amanda has worked in a variety of industries from healthcare to now building. She was an intern in the Fall of 2015 as an intern before becoming an apprentice. Spring 2016 – Fall 2016

Kyle Terrio


Kyle has a background in architecture and began as an intern during the Fall of 2014 and Spring of 2015. He worked on several projects in Moab, as well as our three story duplex in Mount Crested Butte, CO. Spring 2016 – Fall 2016

Will Munger


Will led CR interns as an apprentice from the Fall of 2015 and Spring of 2016.

Mitch McComb

Construction Supervisor

A Denver, CO native, Mitch is a natural builder living in Bluff, UT. He was a part of three CR builds from Spring 2015-2016.

Chris Strayer

Construction Supervisor

Chris is a natural builder based in Cleveland Ohio. He joined CR for four builds from the Fall of 2014 to the Spring of 2016.

Lev Darkhovsky


Lev is an alumni of the Spring 2014 intern crew. He worked with CR as an apprentice for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, and is continuing to work on natural building projects in the Moab area.

Gabe Woytek

Assistant Supervisor

Gabe’s first CR experience was as board member in 2011, and then went on to become and intern and staff in the year of 2014. In 2017, he became a CR homeowner.

Eric Plourde

Construction Supervisor

Eric is currently the principal at Ecologic Design Build. He helped get CR off the ground as a straw bale subcontractor and instructor from 2011-2014.

Dan McCann


Dan is a CR alum from the Fall 2013 build who continued on as an apprentice for the Spring 2014 semester.

Kris Wilson


Kris worked with CR as a graduate fellow during the Fall of 2013.

Kristin O'Brien


Kristin is a CR alum from the Spring 2013 build who continued on as an apprentice for the Fall 2013 semester.

Serah Meade

Associate Director

Serah is was an intern with one of the early semesters in Fall 2011. She went on to become an administrative team member as Associate Director until 2014. In 2017, she became a CR homeowner.

Jessica Retka

Administrative Apprentice

Jessica was an intern for the first CR build in 2010. She then went on to serve as an administrative role in 2011.

Kate Heath


Kate is a CR alum from the firs build in 2010, and continued on as an apprentice for the year of 2011.

Kelly Matthews

Co-Construction Supervisor

Kelly worked as a co-instructor for three different CR homes from 2011-2012.

Doni Kiffmeyer

Construction Supervisor

Doni lead the first build in 2010, helping Community Rebuilds get off the ground.