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This program is available to all, without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or expression, political affiliation, marital or parental status, genetic information and military service.

Are you interested in joining our team? Below is a list of positions that are currently available. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and ask about upcoming job opportunities, as we usually have a plethora of ways to get involved!

Community Rebuilds partners with AmeriCorps VISTA and State to offer positions both in the office and on our build site. AmeriCorps members serve full time for one year, and receive benefits such as a living stipend, End of Service Segal Education Awards, and more. Information about AmeriCorps and member benefits can be found at the link at the bottom of this page.

Desired Experience

  • It's always great to have a degree in a relevant field, leadership experience, or work experience (e.g., construction, architecture, materials management, research, and etc.)

Compensation & Benefits

  • Living stipend of $17,600/year

  • Education award of $6,895

  • Student loan deferment and interest forbearance

  • Potential eligibility for food stamps

  • Medical insurance if needed

  • 9.5 weeks off throughout the year while still receiving living benefits

  • Expand resume while simultaneously benefiting the community

  • Receive mentoring, training, and experience in program facilitation and leadership

  • Receive the reward of changing lives and making a difference in our world

To apply, send resume with 2 references and cover letter to:

Energy + Carbon Accounting Coordinator
AmeriCorps State

The Energy and Carbon Accounting Coordinator (ECAC) will work to ensure that Community Rebuilds is building the best home possible, with affordability, climate change, and the environment in mind. The building industry is responsible for nearly 40% of all the carbon emissions in the world. Community Rebuilds strives to eliminate our own carbon footprint while training dozens of students and program participants to think beyond the status quo. Community Rebuilds’ homes must be built affordably as we only serve low income households. This position will work to ensure that our homes are energy positive, energy efficient, and that we are using regional or reclaimed materials so that the homeowners have reduced construction costs and long lasting affordability through minimal utility bills. Sustainable and regenerative building efforts put less strain on the environment and work against climate change. 


The ECAC AmeriCorps Member will work with the Planning and Development Coordinator, the Executive Director, and the Qualifier.

Assignment Responsibilities

  • Contribute 1700 hours

  • Attend CR and AmeriCorps orientations

  • Participate in weekly, quarterly, and bi-annual meetings

  • Research materials for affordability, regionality, and low embodied carbon

  • Pursue alternative building techniques

  • Update building curriculum  

  • Do take offs and obtain estimates for materials

  • Perform carbon accounting on materials and houses 

  • Track energy performance from past homes

  • Research and provide information for sustainable living 

  • Collaborate on the design of future projects 

  • Find solutions for waste streams

  • Participate in other AmeriCorps events


Build Apprentice
AmeriCorps State

Community Rebuilds provides an advanced educational service opportunity for those interested in entering the field of construction or for those wanting to contribute direct service towards affordable housing projects for low-income families and individuals. Apprentices will gain building and leadership knowledge by directing homeowners, interns, and volunteers through the build process under the guidance of lead supervisors.

20% of this direct service position can be used towards capacity building for the organization. Community Rebuilds has many exciting behind-the-scenes capacity-building opportunities in the office. Four hours per week (on average) of the AmeriCorps term can be used for assisting with side projects, administrative assistance, project management, planning, and development. This capacity-building work is intended not only to assist in furthering the organization's mission and programming, but to serve as experience and professional development for the Apprentice. The capacity-building time must be pre-approved for purposes of priority and may be contingent on the capacity of CR's staff to mentor the Apprentice.  

Assignment Responsibilities

  • Contribute 1700 hours 

  • Attend site orientation and AmeriCorps orientation

  • Participate in all building tasks involved with foundation to finish construction

  • Assist the lead supervisor on-site

  • Advise, mediate issues, and field questions for interns, volunteers, and homeowners

  • Provide on-site supervision for safety of interns, volunteers, and homeowners

  • Maintain the build site cleanliness and organization

  • Supervise the use of tools and maintain inventory list

  • Coordinate the purchase and ordering of materials

  • Perform maintenance tasks at the CR campus as needed

  • Participate in weekly, quarterly, and bi-annual meetings

  • Facilitate and cater events and workshops

  • Motivate the crew to work together as a team and maintain morale

  • Opportunity to assist and facilitate build project management duties – flexible in accordance with project needs, and AmeriCorps members’ experience and interests

  • Participate in other AmeriCorps events


​Campus Sustainability Manager 
AmeriCorps State

The Campus Sustainability Manager works with all aspects of the residential and academic campus community, including residents and staff, to promote an understanding and awareness of sustainability issues by coordinating informational trainings and promoting energy and water conservation, waste minimization, recycling, sustainable building and landscape design, alternative transportation, procurement of green products, etc. The Campus Sustainability Manager will manage maintenance on all properties and grounds, and will oversee campus life, including managing incoming and outgoing residents, bulk foods, repairs, and campus chores. The Campus Sustainability Manager will also manage the CR Re-store program - a salvage store on campus to help keep construction waste out of the waste stream and increase the affordability of our homes.

The Campus Sustainability Manager will work alongside the Program Coordinator and residents of the campus.

Assignment Responsibilities

  • Contribute 1700 hours

  • Attend site orientation and AmeriCorps orientation 

  • Participate in campus and organizational meetings (e.g., weekly, quarterly, bi-annual)

  • Coordinate program residents and staff to ensure the campus is clean, organized, well cared for, and operating sustainably.

  • Manage and promote the ReStore events - Facilitate sales, donations, and proper storage

  • Lead campus projects, both independently and leading crews of volunteers and staff

  • Mediate issues and field questions for campus residents

  • Maintain the campus cleanliness and organization 

  • Coordinate the purchase and ordering of materials

  • Coordinate the pickup and storage of donated materials

  • Post items for sale online 

  • Organize and perform upkeep on the bone yard and salvage storage

  • Perform maintenance tasks at the CR campus seasonally and as needed

  • Facilitate tasks with campus residents and interns (weeding, watering plants, seasonal clean up etc.)

  • Collaborate and strategize on the design and implementation of campus build outs, campus design, and sustainability improvements 

  • Monitor and manage energy usage and waste streams

  • Contribute to the campus full time, with occasional site days as build team requires it or it interests the member

  • Participate in other AmeriCorps events

Program and Project Manager intern positions are available upon request when housing is available. 

Learn more about the different AmeriCorps programs here!

What are the benefits of AmeriCorps State and VISTA programs?


  • Natural Building Internship - TO BE ANNOUNCED. When projects allow a foundation to finish build, we will once again offer our 5-month internship program. We are currently called to action and scaling up to help with the housing crisis in the communities we serve. All of our projects will feature natural building techniques, always, and all volunteers will get their hands muddy. We are extremely focused on building for climate change, carbon accounting, and incorporating as many carbon sequestering materials as we can in an effort to store the amount of carbon our buildings generate in the goal of having carbon-neutral buildings. With this focus, making adjustments to our standard building model can create more opportunity for additional carbon storage. One example is using siding made from upcycled cedar telephone poles on the exterior of our buildings versus natural plasters.

  • Learn about our current Builder B.E.E.S. work exchange program here.​

  • Sign up to learn and Volunteer on your own schedule here.

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