Community Rebuilds works with homeowners to build a beautiful, affordable home. Each homeowner builds along side the interns and instructors for 20 hours a week. On this page, you can meet all of our past homeowners and scroll through a photo tour of their homes. Enjoy.

Chelsea Cobb | Moab, Spring 2019

My name is Chelsea. The first time I came to Moab was in the spring of 2007 on a climbing trip with a group of friends. I didn’t know what to expect, but after that first visit, the taste of sagebrush and blooming russian olives still lingers in my nostrils. I drove west again that summer and became like so many others here: completely captured by the landscape. I made the move to Moab at the end of 2013 and haven’t looked back. 

I love the way the sunrise and sunset shine new light on this place. Every hour gives a new perspective to the vastness, and each year I spend here gives me a greater appreciation for this place and the community of people who call it home.

Sarah Sorg | Moab, Spring 2019

Born in Paris, I was raised by a family of culinary artists, painters and musicians. After working in fashion, cinema and journalism I decided it was time to try something new somewhere else, I packed my bags full of books and shoes and hit the open road for the other side of the sea. A short accidental skydiving trip to Moab ended my life as I knew it, I went back to what had been home for the past 7 years, London, divorced my husband, sold my car, gave my cat and all my belongings away and moved to Moab to be a full time monkey. 

Life is as wondrous as we make it! 

Sheila Strahan | Moab, Spring 2019

Hi, I’m Sheila! I absolutely love Moab: the community, the desert, the wild!  I am passionate about music, education, and this beautiful desert we live in.  I grew up in AZ, then moved to CO, where I attended grad school and worked as a professional accompanist.  I moved here in 2005 after working seasonally for the Moab Music Festival for 5 years and made ends meet by working for the festival and teaching piano lessons.  Once here, I discovered two things: 1. that I LOVE working with little kids, so I changed careers to become a teacher full time, and 2. that I LOVE these canyons, this desert, and especially finding natural arches - I spend many of my weekends arch hunting, and recently started training in canyoneering because I can get to more arches that way.  My time is pretty much taken up working with kids and trying my best to instill in them a love of learning through fun projects and the arts, and by spending my time exploring and recharging in the desert.  I’m so grateful to get to build an energy efficient home that is part of this beautiful desert, and to know that I will have a secure place to live here for many years to come.

Malyssa Egge | Bluff, Fall 2018

Meet Malyssa Egge; the first Community Rebuilds Homeowner in Bluff, UT. Malyssa was born in raised in northeastern South Dakota. She moved to Bluff in 2004 to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA at a now demolished elementary school. She realized soon after arriving, that Bluff was the place she wanted to call home. Since her VISTA term, she has worked in many of the schools in the area through a variety of federal, state, tribal, and private grants and programs. She works as an EMT and supports first year college students in the area. Malyssa is so happy to have had the opportunity to set down roots in the community she loves so dearly. 

The Millers | Moab, Fall 2018

Meet the Miller family; Murice, Valencia, Jedidiah, and Jaidah. Murice is originally from the island of Jamaica West Indies and Valencia grew up in Southern California and Southern Nevada (Pacoima, Riverside, Rialto, Las Vegas just to name a few). Murice and Valencia met in New York City and decided to move to Moab in 2012 when they had an opportunity to work for an Adventist Boarding academy in Castle Valley Utah. They have been blessed to call this place home ever since. They enjoy spending time together as a family, especially going on explorations, and they love everything about this area, especially the community. They are so grateful for this opportunity and the chance to make new memories!

Jessica Lawley | Moab, Fall 2018

 Jessica Lawley was lucky enough to be born and raised right here in Moab so her appreciation for the desert runs deep. She has worked at her family's bike shop, Rim Cyclery for 11 years and really likes being a part of the cycling and outdoor community. She enjoy rappelling, hiking, biking, paddleboarding, camping and cooking… and let’s not forget my plant obsession!

"Planting roots in her hometown is so important to me, and being able to do it in a sustainable way helps protect the harsh beauty of the desert I love so much."

Mikalyn Steinbrueck | Moab, Spring 2018

Mikalyn Steinbrueck was born and raised in Longmont, Colorado where she learned to love and live in the great outdoors. After spending four years studying film theory and production at the University of Notre Dame in the midwest, she returned to her roots out west and moved to Laramie, Wyoming and become an elementary school teacher. When greater adventure called in 2015, Mikalyn moved to Moab where she has spent most of her time running over red rock, backpacking through canyons, and sleeping under the desert sky.


Mikalyn is so excited and grateful to be an owner of one of these natural and sustainable, solar-powered homes, which she shares with her golden retriever, Wild. As a 1st grade teacher, she hopes to share some of this journey with her students, inspiring them to engage in practices that celebrate and give back to the earth.

Marie Brophy | Moab, Spring 2018

I'm Marie! I moved to Moab in 2013, and my dog Gabe, who has been with my family for 11 years, joined me in 2014.  We are originally from Oregon, but my family has since spread all over the country.  Looking for a change of scene and more sunshine, I planned a move to Colorado.  But I stopped in Moab for three weeks along the way and fell in love with this place.

I have now been working for Moab Desert Adventures guiding climbing and canyoneering expeditions for over four years.  Every day I get to play in this incredible desert and share it with people from all over.  My goal is to help others see the beauty of this place, so that they will want to protect it as I do.  My family loves to visit us here and knows they are always in for an adventure when they do.  I am beyond thankful to have built a house with Community Rebuilds, so Gabe and I can have a home to call our own.

The Dickeys | Moab, Spring 2018

I'm Kathy! I moved to Moab 20 years ago from Tempe, AZ. I work as a nurse at Moab Regional Hospital. I bought my single wide trailer 11 years ago and remember being so happy to have a place of my own. Before purchasing the trailer, I lived in an off grid camper in the desert – I have indeed upgraded. Thanks to Community Rebuilds I will have a chance to have an energy efficient home, which will be new to me. I met my husband, Dustin, 10 years ago and we have one dog named Indy. Dustin and I opened  bike shop in the Spring of 2017. We are looking forward to contributing to the build of our home and not contributing as much to carbon output!

Woytek-Mead Family | Moab, Fall 2017

Meet the Woytek-Mead Family, one of CR's Fall 2017 recipients. Gabriel, originally from Wisconsin, and Serah, originally from California, met in Moab in 2010. Both Serah and Gabriel were involved with CR in the early years while also working and volunteering with other Moab non-profits. After moving away for a few years, they realized it was time to return to the amazing community and landscape of Moab, Utah. Gabriel is current the Garden Manager at The Youth Garden Project. Serah works for KZMU Moab Community Radio. Verdell Shanti was welcomed to the world in March of 2017 and is excited to grow up in a straw bale home of her own. 

Holli Zollinger | Moab, Fall 2017

Holli and Lorenzo ‘Ren’ moved to Moab in 2012 for two years and then returned again in 2016. Having lived a mostly nomadic life, Moab felt like a great place to settle, put down real roots and grow with the dynamic community Moab offers.

Holli is self-employed as an Artist and Designer and draws daily inspiration from the desert landscape. Always learning by doing, she is excited and honored to be part of a program that educates the home buyer about the process of building a straw bale home with a sustainable focus.

Nelly Drogin | Moab, Fall 2017

Nelly is a Moab local, born and raised in Castle Valley. She love the Moab area, and is so grateful to Community Rebuilds for allowing her the opportunity to build and own a house in my hometown, which has been a lifelong dream.


Nelly is the office manager at Nichols Expeditions, an active adventure travel company based in Moab.

In her free time she enjoys biking (road and mountain), yoga, hiking, and soaking up the sun. 

Anne Hayes | Moab, Spring 2017

Anne Hays built her home in the Spring of 2016. Originally from the San Fransisco Bay Area, Anne moved to Moab about 5 years ago after a spell of bad weather during a camping trip left her stranded. She filled out job and housing application and hasn't looked back. Ann is a former paramedic for Grand County EMS, has also served at several local establishments

Anne was very excited to participate in the CR program. Between rent increases, homeowners selling, and and a house fire, she experienced a rocky housing situation in Moab prior to building her CR home.

Kelli Quinn | Moab, Spring 2017

Kelli built her home with CR in the Spring of 2016. Kelli grew up in central Pennsylvania and lived in the northern Adirondacks of New York for a while before moving to Moab in 2014. Moab’s unique and beautiful environment as well as the grand escapades to be had in its backyard made the southwest instantly drew her in, and Kelli is now a Vegetation Management Field Lead for the National Park Service. 

Kelli enjoys climbing, mt./biking, boating, skiing in the LaSals in the winter, and just being outdoors. Finding so much inspiration in Moab, she is very excited to have been able to lay down roots in the area.

Daniela Runge | Mount Crested Butte, 2016

Daniela was a part of building the first CR duplex during the summer and fall of 2016. Originally from Argentina, she moved to Crested Butte in 2001 to work for the Adaptive Sports Center, teaching people with disabilities how to ski. It was supposed to be just one season, but she never left. Through Adaptive, she has been able to start similar programs in her home country. To complement her winter job, she started a landscaping business in 2006.

Daniela has 2 kids, Alvaro, who is 19 years old and currently in Argentina attending music school, and Kai, who is 10 years old. They are incredibly excited to have a home in CB!

Andrew Arell | Mount Crested Butte, 2016

Andrew was also a part of the first CR duplex in Mount Crested Butte during 2016. These two homes were a whole new experience for CR, as it was a complicated design build built at almost 10,000 feet elevation! 


A jack of all trades, master of none… Andrew has had a few fits and starts of various careers, but at present finds himself coordinating mountain sport events for a local non-profit, Nordic Center.


Andrew and his two sons, Asher and Isaac, are very excited to be homeowners in the town their family has grown up in. 

David Casper | Moab, Fall 2016

David (pronounced Dove-Id) built his home with CR in the Fall of 2016. While originally from Jersey he found his way to Moab through a cross country trip 6 years ago. Since then he's lived in the area on and off – but now with this house, permanently.

Moab has allowed David to get his massage practice off the ground, as well as finding an opportunity to get back into mental health services. David has enjoyed planting fruit trees in his spacious garden, as well as having a place his two wonderful pups to run around. He was also lucky enough to find a plot of land with a shed that he hopes to turn into a sculpture studio some day.

The Spade-Phillips Family | Moab, Fall 2016

Tamar is originally from Scotland but after many travels, she landed in Moab in 2013. Stuart, is from Salt Lake City but has lived in Moab since 2008 on and off – but mostly on.

They met in Australia in 2012, got married in Las Vegas in 2014, their fabulous baby Ivy was born in Moab in October of 2015, and in the Fall of 2016 they built their CR home! 

Tamar and Stuart are both super interested in eco builds and alternative construction methods so they feel extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to build our own straw bale home with a team of dedicated interns.

Sarah Ball | Moab, Spring 2016

Sarah Ball moved to Moab in 1999 and works as a licensed massage therapist. Sarah bought her trailer in 2007 and has been enjoying her stunning view of the Moab Rim and La Sal Mountain landscape ever since. In the spring of 2016, CR replaced her trailer with an energy efficient home. CR was able to reuse many components such as materials for insulation, and reclaimed wood for trim. Sarah was a wonderful participant, and now, she is often paying only $8 per month for utilities, as that is the base fee for being hooked up to the grid.


Talk about affordable housing!

The Thomas Family | Moab, Spring 2016

Kaitlin originally moved to Moab from the East Coast to work at the Youth Garden Project and now works as BEACON Afterschool Program’s Program Manager. Chad moved to Moab when he was in high school and has been in Moab ever since. He mainly works in the film and television industry and recently began dabbling in starting a Tshirt business called O’Pinyon Press Services. He has more recently primarily been in the role of stay-at-home-dad since the birth of their son Graham. Baby Graham was born August 1, 2015. He loves to smile, laugh, and absorb the world around him like a sponge. The Thomas family loves Moab – exploring it and the surrounding areas, as well as the vibrant Moab community.

Zach Ahrens | Moab, Fall 2015

Zach built his home with Community Rebuilds in the Fall of 2015. Zach incorporated some beautiful natural elements into his home, like a juniper branch in his corner shelf, and a river rock bathroom floor. As a biologist with Moab Native Aquatics, these details reflect Zach's interest in nature and science. He loves his solar panels and almost never turns the heat. 

Heila Ershadi | Moab, Fall 2015

Heila's home was built in the Fall of 2015, nestled in a quiet flag lot with beautiful portal views. Heila and her two children, Cyrus and Veda, have enjoyed making the spacious lot their own, with chickens, a play ground, and a thriving rainwater harvesting garden. Heila is very integrated into the Moab community, through both her job working at Four Corners Behavioral Health, and serving on the Moab City Council.

Heather Gallagher | Moab, Spring 2015

Heather works as a rock climbing and canyoneering guide at Moab Cliffs and Canyons, and serves and bartends at various local restaurants. Her passion for rock climbing has taken her to many locations around the United States and over 20 different countries. Despite her numerous “going away” parties she has always ended up returning to Moab and is happy to officially call it her home.

Lynn Chenard| Moab, Spring 2015

Lynn has called the southwest home for quite a while and built her CR home in the Spring of 2016 to establish more permanent roots. Lynn is an avid climber and works in the local tourism industry.

The Doucettes | Moab, Fall 2014

Josh and Porscha were a part of the first semester where CR built two homes simultaneously, and were among the first homes to have solar power. They fancy themselves an adventurous couple – enjoying all of the outdoor activities that Moab has to offer, particularly climbing desert towers. Josh works in the field of environmental science, while Porscha is a yoga instructor and has also served on the CR board of directors.

Randy and Melissa | Moab, Fall 2014

Randy and Melissa were a part of the first Community Rebuilds semester to build two homes simultaneously and to be solar powered. Melissa owns her own caregiving service called Moab Sitter Services. The two enjoy biking, trail running, and rafting on the river.

Steve Langello | Moab, Spring 2014

Steve originally owned a trailer in the neighborhood where CR helped him build a new home. In 2005, the residents of the trailer park where Steve lived were told they could no longer live there. This situation actually sparked the initial vision for Community Rebuilds. Nine years later, it was exciting for both CR and Steve to be able to rebuild in the same location.

Andi Pelizzari | Moab, Fall 2013

Andi buit her home with CR in the Fall of 2013. She is a long-time resident of Moab and has worked many years for the local sushi restaurant, Sabaku. 

Bryan and Nancy | Gunnison, 2013

Bryan and Nancy were the first homeowners CR worked with in Gunnison County, CO. Their home was built in Gunnison in 2013, using the classic three-bedroom, 2-bathroom floor plan.

Lorenzo McGregor | Moab, Spring 2013

Lorenzo Watson McGregor III is a raft guide for an expedition company out of Paige, AZ and has been based in Moab for a number of years. He is looking forward to having a home to return to in between high-season trips and to bunker down in during future winters while there is no raft-guiding. He has been renting places in Moab for the winter season in years past and making good use of friends’ couches during the high-season. Welcome home Lorenzo!

Allison VanLonkhuyzen | Moab, Fall 2012

Allison works for the National Parks Service at Arches National Park. Allison was able to purchase a trailer in town, which was then demolished and rebuilt with her CR home. As someone who never thought she would be able to own a home in Moab, Allison was thrilled to have had this opportunity.

Nancy and Eric | Moab, Spring 2012

Eric and Nancy were able to replace their dilapidated trailer with a new CR home in the Spring of 2012. Shortly after moving in, they made their family a trio and welcomed their daughter, Lila. Both Eric and Nancy work in the Mountain Biking industry. Nancy has also spent time on the Community Rebuilds board of directors, and continues to support new homeowner through the process.

Laurel Hagen | Moab, Fall 2011

Laurel had previously been living in a trailer on her property south of town. CR was able to help Laurel rebuild her home in the fall of 2011. Originally from California, Laurel has had her hands in many pots in Moab from guiding to the non profit thrift store, Wabi Sabi.

Sasha and Colleen | Moab, 2010

Sasha and Colleen live in the first CR home ever built! Built over the course of two semesters in 2010, CR and the first batch of interns replaced their dilapidated trailer. Sasha is an avid mountain biker and works for Rim Cyclery, while Colleen has worked at Wabi Sabi Thrift Store.

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