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What opportunities are there to work with CR? 

​We welcome volunteers of all abilities on our build sites. In 2024, we’re offering courses, workshops, the Builder B.E.E.S. program, and AmeriCorps State roles. More information on each of these opportunities can be found in the “Learn & Work” tab.


Does CR exist anywhere else? How hard is it to start a program like this? 

CR is totally unique to Moab! As far as we know, there are no other self-help housing programs which focus on sustainable building. We are happy to help you on your journey if starting a program is one of your goals. The best way to get a sense of how CR runs is to come work with us! Check out our “Learn & Work” tab to see all the ways to get involved with CR. Along with our build internship, we have program internships available where students learn the administrative and program management side of Community Rebuilds.

The Builder B.E.E.S.

What skills are taught in the CR Builder B.E.E.S. program? When I graduate, will I be able to build my own house? ​

The Community Rebuilds Builder B.E.E.S. program focuses on foundational, conventional and sustainable building skills. Becoming a master builder is a lifelong journey! Unless you come in with prior building experience and/or put in substantial self-study outside of CR, it is unlikely you will be ready to build your own home right after the program. However, we are sure you'll be more excited and confident about the possibilities after building with us! By working on our build site, you’ll have the potential to gain experience with building principles, straw stacking, reading plans, natural and lime plasters, window and door installation, cabinet and countertop installation, and more.

How will I make an impact on sustainable, affordable housing?

The Builder B.E.E.S. and other long-term volunteers are a critical part of making affordable housing happen. Typically, the USDA Rural Development Mutual Self Help Program that finances our homes requires homeowners to complete 40 hours of labor per week on their homes. Community Rebuilds is a pilot program approved by the USDA RD to have “dedicated volunteers” on the build site completing a significant amount of construction labor and allowing the homeowners’ hour requirement to be just 23 hours a week. Because of these dedicated volunteers – like the Builder B.E.E.S. – low-income Moab residents have a more accessible opportunity for homeownership and can build their homes without significant sacrifices to jobs, education, etc. In terms of sustainability, CR is so far the only self-help housing program building with sustainability at the forefront.

Can I apply for more than one Builder B.E.E.S. term?

In an effort to further promote the movement of building sustainably and making our opportunities inclusive, we will only recruit B.E.E.S. one term at a time. If at the end of your B.E.E.S. term a spot opens up for the following term, you can apply. You may also want to consider applying for an advanced responsibility and learning role such as an AmeriCorps State position.


Can I come late or leave early? 

We do occasionally make exceptions for individual situations. However, due to the needs and nature of our project, we heavily prioritize those who are able to come for the full term. Please send in your application and we will be happy to discuss your specific situation during your interview.


Can I do the program with my partner or best friend? 

Yes! You can apply with your partner and we will make every effort to get you both in together. 


Do you accept international applicants? 

Yes! International applicants are responsible for securing their own Visa. We will provide a letter stating that you have been accepted to our program and a date by which you will need to have secured a Visa. We love working with our international B.E.E.S.!

Can I bring my dog/cat/gerbil?

Unfortunately, pets are only allowed in the cottage (housing for long-term volunteers). You are welcome to come and serve as a long-term volunteer to learn and work alongside us.


What time off will I have? 

The Builder B.E.E.S. program requires that participants contribute a total of 256 hours over the course of the term. This equates to a 32-hour, 4-day work week. Any time-off taken in a given week will be expected to be made up by the end of the term. There are occasional evening events such as group dinners, workshops, and educational panels, but otherwise your evenings and weekends will be free.


Can I get a second job? 

Yes. Moab is a seasonal town, so work in the service industry is abundant. However the program is a big commitment, and working in construction for 32 hours per week is exhausting. We want you to be able to both enjoy the internship and engage in the community. If you do take on a second job, we recommend starting with only 1-2 shifts per week.


Can I apply for the apprenticeship before I have completed the internship?

Yes! We will accept your application at any time. Both our Builder B.E.E.S. and apprenticeship programs are competitive. For our apprentices, we are looking for experienced people who are ready to step into leadership roles on the build team.

Residential Courses

Can I register and room with my friend/partner/family member?

Yes! Both participants must fill out the registration form and submit payment for the course. If you would like to share a room, both participants should choose the double occupancy option and list the name of the preferred roommate when directed.


Can I bring a pet?

Unfortunately, pets are not permitted in campus housing. If you would like to attend the course and pursue outside housing options where your pet can stay, choose the “non-residential” ticket option when registering. 


Can I bring a child?

All course participants and residents in the Bunkhouse must be at least 18 years of age by the course’s move-in date.


Where is my money going?

Proceeds from your course are funneled right back into Community Rebuilds’ mission: building sustainable homes and educating future builders. Money raised from course tuition helps to fund longer term work and education opportunities, like the Builder B.E.E.S., allowing them to remain tuition-free and helping us to construct affordable homes with small carbon footprints.


I live in Moab or have other housing - can I take this course without staying on the CR campus?

Absolutely! When registering, choose the “Non-Residential” or “Day Pass” option to enroll in the course without the housing option. These passes include all class and workshop materials, lunch on the day(s) of instruction, and a copy of the curriculum. 


Will I have time to go biking/climbing/hiking/enjoy the beautiful scenery that Moab has to offer?

Yes! The average work day is 8-4:30 or 9-5 with the occasional weekend work. You will have plenty of time to interact with the beautiful environment Moab has to offer.

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