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Books We Recommend:

Making Better Buildings by Chris Magwood

The New Natural House Book by David Pearson

The Art of Natural Building by Catherine Wanek and Michael Smith

Shelter by Lloyd Khan

Earthen Floors: A Modern Approach to an Ancient Practice by Sukita Crimmel and Thomson James

The Straw Bale House by Athena Swentzell and Bill Steen, and David Bainbridge

More Straw Bale Building by Chris Magwood, Peter Mack, and Tina Therrien

The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes by Athena Swentzell and Bill Steen


Other Projects We Recommend:

The Last Straw Journal

This is the international journal for natural building and ecological design.

Ecological Building Network

This is a thorough source for the latest research and experimentation within the field of sustainable design and construction. They have several projects of their own, including a material database and many publications.

Natural Building Network Facebook group

This is a Facebook group that regularly posts updates within the natural building field.

Green Homebuilding

This is a wide-ranging source for information about sustainable architecture and natural building.


The Canelo Project

This is a center for learning, research, demonstration and cross-cultural collaboration founded by Bill and Athena Steen. They host workshops and strive to advance the cause of natural and local construction.

Sustainable Sources LLC

This group's website organizes a lot of information about natural building.

The International Code Council (ICC)

The ICC drafts the model codes that most building codes in the United States are based on. The latest versions of these (which include things like the IBC and the IRC) are available for free on their website.

Solar Energy International 

This group trains people to install solar energy systems and advocates for the development of solar energy generation.

Renewable Energy World

This website collects and distributes news and information about the latest in renewable energy generation.​​​​


This is a great place to look for cool work exchange, mutual aid group, and volunteering opportunities.


This is another place to look for work exchange and volunteering opportunities. 

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