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Initial Eligibility Requirements

Thank you for your interest in building with Community Rebuilds. We have two main requirements for initial eligibility for our program. Applicants must have lived in the community they are applying in for at least two years, and must be low- or very-low-income. Deductions may apply, so if you are above the limit and still struggling to afford a home, go ahead and complete steps 1-3 to find out if you could be eligible.


NOTE: Currently, we do not have future dates set for building in Gunnison County, but will still accept applications for when we are able to move forward with future projects. We do however have plans for building in Bluff, UT in the Fall of 2020. We are also hoping to build in Boulder, UT within the next couple of years and are currently accepting homeowner applications for residents in that area. 

Click here to see the Grand County, Garfield County, and San Juan County income limits per USDA Rural Development.


Review Homeowner Guide

If you meet the initial eligibility requirements, the next step is to review our Community Rebuilds Homeowner Guide. This document more thoroughly walks you through how our application process works, provides information on our loan options, outlines what to expect while participating in the program, and what to expect after your home is complete. 

Community Rebuilds is expanding to Bluff, UT. Some of the information in the Homeowner Guide may be a bit different. We will be sure to explain any differences to you.



If you read through the Homeowner Guide and feel the program is a good fit, you are encouraged to submit the Pre-Qualification Application and Participation Agreement. Once you return these two documents, you will officially be considered an applicant. Applicants are prioritized based on the date in which these materials were submitted. Submitting an application is not a binding agreement, and applicants can withdraw their application at any time.


In-person Meeting

Community Rebuilds will review your application materials, then will set up a time for an in-person meeting with the Program Director to help you prepare for when your turn in the queue arrives. Depending on the number of applicants on our list and the time of year you apply, we may not be able to set up a meeting immediately.


Loan Application

Once your turn in the queue has arrived, Community Rebuilds will work with you to qualify for an appropriate loan product. Many of our homeowners qualify for the 502 Direct Loan from USDA Rural Development. This is a low-interest, no down payment loan with the option for a subsidy. This loan is only available for individuals who are unable to qualify for a traditional line of credit. If you can get a loan through a local lender, we will help you navigate this process as well.

For either option, Community Rebuilds will need a packet of various loan documents to verify employment, credit, and ability to repay debt. 



Once you have received eligibility for the loan, you're in the home stretch. The next steps include approving building and site plans, participating in a first time homeowner course (if applicable), and of course building your home through USDA's Mutual Self Help Program. Community Rebuilds will be with you every step of the way!


Providing Documentation: To securely provide your documents, you can use the service at A guide for how to use this service is available here.