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Over the last few years, the world has had a hard lesson in adapting to meet the challenges at hand, and Community Rebuilds is no exception. We operate at the forefront of a host of critical social issues, working within the bounds of a higher building demand, climate crisis mitigation, and a constantly shifting sociocultural relationship to labor while simultaneously navigating USDA program requirements. With one eye on the climate crisis and the other on the housing crisis, we are thrilled to introduce new programming which will allow us to confidently meet all of these challenges head on while maintaining our core values.

  • Construction Manager - This position will oversee all field aspects of the construction process at all CR job sites. The Construction Manager will provide specific project planning, supervision, and oversight of residential building sites during all phases of construction in a way that utilizes resources efficiently to produce quality homes in a safe, affordable manner. They will ensure all homes are built to the standards and rules set forth by the USDA Rural Development Mutual Self-Help program. They will provide leadership to the Construction Supervisor, AmeriCorps apprentices, homeowners, and volunteers in partnership with the Planning and Development Coordinator. They will bring their knowledge and experience to the organization to develop construction quality assurance methods that improve long-term product and efficiencies. This is a hands-on position that requires extensive building and project management experience. The ideal candidate will be solution-oriented and consistently produce deliverables as scheduled. The individual should have a background with strong experience in running multiple projects and budgets, and knowledge of using construction management software. They will provide construction skill and expertise where needed either through training and leading of volunteers or through actual hands-on labor. Click here for full job description.

  • Natural Building Internship - TO BE ANNOUNCED. When projects allow a foundation to finish build, we will once again offer our 5-month internship program. We are currently called to action and scaling up to help with the housing crisis in the communities we serve. All of our projects will feature natural building techniques, always, and all volunteers will get their hands muddy. We are extremely focused on building for climate change, carbon accounting, and incorporating as many carbon sequestering materials as we can in an effort to store the amount of carbon our buildings generate in the goal of having carbon-neutral buildings. With this focus, making adjustments to our standard building model can create more opportunity for additional carbon storage. One example is using siding made from upcycled cedar telephone poles on the exterior of our buildings versus natural plasters.

  • Learn about our current Builder B.E.E.S. work exchange program here.

  • If you have experience in leadership or building, consider an AmeriCorps Building Apprentice Position. We also offer opportunities for capacity building through the AmeriCorps VISTA program. Find more info on what's currently available here.​ 

Community Rebuilds partners with AmeriCorps VISTA and State to offer positions both in the office and on our build site. AmeriCorps members serve full time for one year, and receive benefits such as a living stipend, End of Service Segal Education Awards, and more. Information about AmeriCorps and member benefits can be found at the link at the bottom of this page. 

  • Community Rebuilds has created dozens of work exchange opportunities and Office Internships that are custom to interests and passions of individuals as they align with the needs of our mission and programs. If you are interested in working with us on a special project or program, or as part of an academic fulfillment, please send a letter of intent and resume to

  • Sign up to learn and Volunteer on your own schedule here.

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