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Become a Barn Raiser

Invest monthly in affordable, sustainable homes

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Barn raising is a practice of collective building where communities come together to help build one anothers’ barns or homes. Barn Raising is about more than building a home, it is about uplifting your neighbors and celebrating community.

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​Become a Community Rebuilds’ Barn Raiser and join a community of monthly givers dedicated to building affordable homes and creating a more just and sustainable future. 

Your Investment


Our goal is to build 12 homes a year. That means every month your donation goes towards an entire life-long home for a low-income individual or family. By being a Barn Raiser, you’re making a difference, every month.

Your Impact


As a Barn Raiser, you will receive a welcome gift, invitations to Barn Raiser events, ongoing stories from people in the field, and exciting updates about what your gift is accomplishing.

Join Our


Each month, you could trade in the following to support affordable, sustainable building:

For us, sustainability is more than using natural materials. Through reciprocity and collectivity, together, we are able to build strong, stable communities where families can thrive for generations. 

Your monthly investment will drive the following initiatives:

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Community Rebuilds offers a free Natural Building Internship in which interns are provided with natural building education in exchange for volunteering their labor on the worksite, making the homes we construct affordable for low-income families. 

Natural Building Internship

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We administer the USDA Mutual Self Help Program to provide an affordable option for homeownership for low-income individuals and families. The new homeowners help construct their own home, gaining lifelong building skills in the process.

Mutual Self-Help Affordable Housing


Community Rebuilds acknowledges the urgency of climate change and the need for all community construction to reflect the highest environmental standards. We build with natural materials and utilize passive and active solar design to mitigate our carbon emissions.

Sustainable & Regenerative Building

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