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Community Rebuilds is partnering with the Moab Area Community Land Trust (MACLT), a fellow community-based affordable housing non-profit, to create twelve affordable homes at their new Arroyo Crossing development. Once finished, the development will provide 300 affordable housing units, three community buildings, a bike path, and a childcare center. To learn more about Arroyo Crossing and the Community Land Trust, visit the MACLT page here.  Community Rebuilds began vertical construction in 2021.

Gena Howland

Spring 2024

Greetings! My name is Gena and Moab has always been home. I was born and raised in this beautiful ocean of rocks. I graduated from Grand County High and moved to Texas for 10 years and at this time discovered that there truly is no place like home. I missed the beauty of the Moab Desert and all the beautiful people that make this community so colorful. I learned many things in Texas. I was a member of the Calvert, Tx Volunteer Fire Department and also a First Responder. I harnessed my creativity and made primitive log furniture and wild art. Owner and Operator of Mojoe's Coffee cart and Rustique. In 2005, I moved back to Moab. My passion for biking at this desert brought me straight back to my roots. I've been a mountain bike guide, shuttle driver and Beacon MTB after-school mentor. I love the Moab Music Festival and have taken several trips down the river as part of the piano moving crew. I have had the opportunity to raise both of my kids in this beautiful community where the Colorado River runs through it. I've shuttled bikes, boats, trailers, and many interesting people. I am currently working in the service industry and love the teamwork and experience. I am so excited to begin this new journey with Community Rebuilds! ~ A desert dream. Let's go!

Jill Kuzman 

Spring 2024

Jill moved to Moab in 2010 to pursue BASE jumping and fell in love with the desert. Originally from Philadelphia, she was shocked when this red red playground stole her heart. Over the years, she's found her place here- not just in jumping, but also though climbing, mountain biking, paddle boarding and teaching yoga. As someone who resisted having any kind of stability for most of her life, she knew the only place she'd ever want to own a home was here. She's extremely excited to join the list of people that Community Rebuilds has helped fulfill their dream of homeownership. 


Winston Shull 

Spring 2024


Winston has been a Moab resident for almost 6 years. He was initially motivated to visit in early 2018 by his love of photography and gorgeous natural landscapes. By April of 2018, he was working full time in town and looking for a living situation. Still enjoying the surrounding beauty and working full time here in Moab, he is excited for an opportunity to have a stable home to live in!

Jose Garcia

Spring 2024

Fall of 98'- Moab was our destination and became our home ever since. Hi, my name is J Andres and my wife is

Nataly. We started our family back in 2010 and couldn't find a better place than Moab. We are parents of three wonderful, caring kids, Ashley, Adilene and Andre. Growing up in Moab has been an amazing experience. I attended Red Rock Elementary School, HMK, our old Middle School, and of course I graduated from Grand County High School. We truly value the lifestyle that Moab has granted us. It's an amazing back yard to explore, and an easy going life to live. As an up-and-coming chef, I've worked in the food industry for close to 12 years now, and we're finally sharing our love for the kitchen in our own little taco shop in town. We've always thought of Moab being our home and where we want our kids to grow. Thank you Community Rebuilds for this awesome opportunity of being a first-time homeowner. We can now safely say we're home. 

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