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Community Rebuilds is partnering with the Moab Area Community Land Trust (MACLT), a fellow community-based affordable housing non-profit, to create twelve affordable homes at their new Arroyo Crossing development. Once finished, the development will provide 300 affordable housing units, three community buildings, a bike path, and a childcare center. To learn more about Arroyo Crossing and the Community Land Trust, visit the MACLT page here.  Community Rebuilds began vertical construction in 2021.

Meet our homeowners at Arroyo Crossing!

Jack Hanley

Winter 2022

Jack Hanley.jpg

From the coast of California and over the High Sierra Mountains, Jack has come to find the Redrock desert of Southern Utah to be a place that feels like it has somehow always been his home. After several seasons of guiding Rock Climbing and Canyoneering in Moab, Jack now facilitates Volunteer work projects to protect Wilderness areas in Utah with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA). Be it for restoration or recreation, Jack spends most of his time exploring the canyon country. You can catch him DJing World Folk Music on KZMU or drumming with the Moab Community Dance Band. After a decade of day dreaming of a home amongst the sandstone, Jack is both grateful for Community Rebuilds’ efforts, and stunned by this surreal opportunity to build a home that worships the sun and lays lightly on the land.

Deborah Ashby

Winter 2022

Debb and Davion came to Moab in 2011 and have called Moab home ever since.  The first years were spent four-wheeling around the many trails to explore Moab and now they both have their individual passions.  Davion enjoys football and skateboarding while Debb enjoys all the activities, her favorites are yoga in the desert and slacklining.  Building a house is not something new to them, as they helped build one back in 2013 then sold it in 2016 to take some time to explore a year in Idaho.  With the desert home calling them back, they were back in Moab before the year was up.  After moving from rental to rental over the last decade, they are excited to finally have a place to call their own and enjoy the building process again.


Madeline Wright

Winter 2022

Madeline Wright.jpg

Growing my roots in Moab since 2004- I've found my community and passion here with the quality people and beautiful landscape. Working at the animal hospital, my love is in animal welfare, and my two best furry companions, Sage and Trout the dogs!

Shelby Carter

Winter 2022

I was raised in central Utah. My son Clay and I made Moab our home in 2017 after I completed my bachelor's degree at Utah State. I became enamored with the diversity of the landscape, the mindful, active community, and the endless recreational opportunities available here. My summer job became a career in fire and fuels management and I have worked for the Manti-La Sal National Forest for the last 5 years. Clay and I love looking at rocks and plants, riding bikes, climbing, and playing on the river. We are so excited to build a home of our own with Community Rebuilds! 

Shelby Carter.png

Margaret Gruszkra

Winter 2022

Maggie Gruszka

Hello, my name is Maggie Gruszka. I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. I first came to Moab in 2011. I was heading back to St. Louis after peddling my bike across the USA raising money and awareness for affordable housing with a non-profit organization called Bike and Build. I had such an AMAZING adventure with Bike and Build that I decided to do two other smaller trips with the organization! During this time, people from my trips introduced me to Community Rebuilds. In 2017, I came back to Moab to be an intern with Community Rebuilds helping construct 3 strawbale homes with 17 other interns. It was one of the BEST times of my LIFE!!! I fell in LOVE with Moab at this time and can NOT believe I will be a homeowner this time around!!! SCCCUURRRPPP THANK YOU COMMUNITY REBUILDS for letting my dreams of owning MY OWN HOME a reality!!!

Kristin Moore

Winter 2022

Kristin has been a Moab resident for 13 years, and loves spending time mountain biking and hunting. She currently works in restaurants and bike shops in town, and is excited for her new home!

Kristin Moore.jpg

Nicole Croke

Winter 2022

Nicole Croke.jpg

Nicole accidentally moved to Moab in the year 2017. Captivated by the red-rocks and an ever-growing bucket-list of adventures, a three-month stint doing field-work grew into years spent enjoying and conserving the Colorado Plateau. While coordinating boat-based restoration crews, Nicole developed a particular love for rafting and a deep appreciation for the ecological importance of these meandering riparian zones. Nicole now works for a nonprofit organization that focuses on outdoor education and inspiring a care for the natural places around us. In their free time, Nicole enjoys pottery, rafting, growing and cooking food, and exploring the Colorado plateau. They are excited to set deeper roots in the community, learn more about the art of home building, and create a space for their creativity to blossom.

Jillian Dyer

Winter 2022

I first moved to Moab the summer of 2014 as a river guide on accessible trips with Splore (now NAC). I left and returned many times. I decided to commit to live in Moab full time in 2018, and have loved every minute. Since then I have worked in Moab as a park ranger, jeep rental guide, Moonflower cashier, emergency medical technician with Grand County EMS, and bike rental guide. I value the skills I've acquired through those jobs and the community I’ve grown along the way. When I am not working I like to spend my time hiking, biking, swing dancing, volunteering with Underdog Rescue, and occasionally playing frisbee at the park. I am incredibly grateful to Community Rebuilds and the community at large for this opportunity to build a home here in Moab.

Jillian Dyer.png
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