Arroyo Crossing

Community Rebuilds is partnering with the Moab Area Community Land Trust (MACLT), a fellow community-based affordable housing non-profit, to create twelve affordable homes at their new Arroyo Crossing development. Once finished, the development will provide 300 affordable housing units, three community buildings, a bike path, and a childcare center. To learn more about Arroyo Crossing and the Community Land Trust visit the MACLT page here.  Community Rebuilds begins vertical construction in 2021.

Meet our first eight homeowners at Arroyo Crossing!

Alex de Moor.jpg

A native of South Africa, Alex moved a lot before finding himself on the Colorado Plateau. After studying Tsunamis and Earthquakes in Oregon he realized that the coast was a terrifying place and, after being offered a job at Canyonlands Field Institute in 2016, moved to the beautiful (and mostly tectonically stable) Moab. He continues to work at CFI as the Education Director and, much like an underdog rescue puppy, is ready for his forever home. You can usually find him talking about rocks on the river, on his bike, or with a fly rod in his hand to any and all that will listen.

Brennan Gillis pic.jpg

Brennan Patrick Gillis  | Winter 2021

Brennan Patrick Gillis has been dreaming of homeownership since he built his first Lego cabin. While Legos are an impractical building material in the Moab area, he is still excited to be working with Community Rebuilds. He enjoys boating, reading, exploring, and darts. Brennan can usually be found trail running, checking for bugs under a rock, or in the KZMU radio booth. Periodically, he gets lost in canyons. He has even been known to engage chickens in staring contests, but he usually loses.

Alex de Moor |  Winter 2021

Janis Adkins  | Winter 2021

I came here in 1990 to climb, raft, and hike. And just stayed. It’s so easy to fall in love with the quiet beauty, the solitude and all the extremes of the place. But then there is this amazing supportive community of friends. You blow me away with your kindness.

My background is plants, I worked at nurseries most of my life, and started one here. The nursery was a mixture of native and non-native drought tolerant plants. The economy crashed in ‘08’ and I could not hold on. I moved away for a bit, but the rocks and canyons and the community of Moab called me back over and over. I could not say no. Moab you have my heart and always will.

I am semi-retired now and work at Moonflower Community Co-op. My background in plants took me on a journey of herbal studies and healing. It’s one of the many ways I like to give back to the community that’s always given to me.


Candice Gary |  Winter 2021

I am the Special Education teacher at Moab Charter School. I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in Special Education from Utah State University. I love working with children,

especially those who think a little differently. I’m also a ceramic artist and hope to have a studio someday to create in. I was born in Moab and lived here until I was five. I spent every summer in Moab with my grandparents helping them with their large garden and orchard. A tradition I continued as an adult. I moved back full-time in 2017 to care for my grandfather as he battled kidney cancer and silicosis of the lungs caused by uranium mining. After he passed, I stayed in town and got a job as a paraprofessional. A career in education is not what I intended to pursue, but I loved it and have decided to make it my career and Moab my permanent home.

Owning my own house has been a dream. One I didn’t think was financially possible for me. Community Rebuilds helped me achieve this dream.

Hailey bio.jpg

Hailey Gardner |  Spring 2022

 Hello,hello! I moved to Moab from northern Indiana to 'make my mom sad' (she told me I had to add this part). Truthfully, the vast beauty of the west, specifically the backdrop of Juniper and Sage against the Red Rocks, is breathtaking. Like we all say, the red rocks captured my attention, the community captured my heart. I moved to escape into the desert and ended up finding a home more inviting than I could ever imagine.


Matt McEttrick |  Spring 2022

 I've lived in Moab since 2007, with some time spent in a few other towns across the western US. I originally moved here to be an outdoor educator and river guide. After that first season, I never felt quite right leaving Moab behind. In my time away from Moab I managed to cobble together a Master’s of Science in Forestry and now I get to share my love of restoring the natural world and helping people find their place in it as an ecologist and project manager for Rim to Rim Restoration, while still sometimes getting to do some guiding. I’m lucky to have a job I enjoy and feel honored to build a house with Community Rebuilds. 

Hailey  | Spring 2022

Ryan Katchmar |  Spring 2022

I'm originally from Ohio and I've been traveling the country for the past 13 years working as a skydiving instructor. Since my first visit to Moab in 2012 I have spent all of my off time here. In 2017 everything aligned and I was able to move here. When I'm not working at the skydiving center I spend my off time jumping off cliffs, climbing, camping, and exploring remote areas. I am beyond stoked for this opportunity to work with Community Rebuilds. 


Bridget Petersen |  Spring 2022

I am so thankful to be living in my very own home in a city that I love! I was raised outside of Kansas City before attending college at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. After graduating with a degree in parks and recreation management, I first moved to Moab in 2014 for an internship with Canyon Country Outdoor Education at Arches National Park. Seven years later, I now consider Moab my forever home, and I am happy to continue serving our local elementary school students by teaching the science of this amazing landscape. I also enjoy giving back to my community by running on the ambulance with Grand County EMS. I love to hike, run, bike, paddle, and explore the canyons and rivers of the Colorado Plateau any way I can! I look forward to starting a garden and living in a sustainable home that will help protect the environment that I dearly love. Thank you to Community Rebuilds and the Moab Community for giving me a place to plant my roots!" 

Bridget bio.jpg