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Home Base

We are currently in the process of building our own straw bale office space. Similar to owning a long-term home, having a long-term office space will increase stability, safety, and comfort within our organization, and foster growth within our community.

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Home Base will be a multi-functional space developed to support sustainable, affordable housing and the education of emerging professionals. We've had 8 different office spaces in the past 10 years, so we are excited to create a permanent affordable, sustainable hub.

Community Classroom

The project will be an interactive live classroom for the community during the build. After the build, we will be able to comfortably hold workshops and panels, providing an additional learning space for interns and service workers.



This straw bale building will feature various natural building techniques that will serve as a model home for families and individuals on our homeowner waitlist.

Financial Counseling Center

The office space will allow us the privacy and comfort to expand our financial counseling services to work with extremely low-income folks in helping them build credit, save, and secure stable jobs.

Work Space

HomeBase will provide a more stable work environment for our team and will increase both productivity and connection amongst us.


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