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Community Rebuilds has completed two projects in Gunnison County, Colorado. After connecting with a straw bale builder invested in the Gunnison community, we decided to expand our model, trialling a new location. One home using our traditional, single-story floor plan was built in Gunnison in 2013, and a three-level duplex was built in Mount Crested Butte in 2016.

Home in Summer.JPG

A popular skiing destination, the towns of Mount Crested Butte and Crested Butte afford visitors with stunning views, and first class ski resorts. Although known for their winter offerings, the community experiences year round housing demands. Many of the locals who work at the resort and in the community live in the town of Gunnison, which has subsequently driven up the demand, and therefore cost of housing for the entire valley. To learn more about the housing needs of Gunnsion County, check out the 2016 Gunnsion Valley Housing Needs Assessment.


Use the interactive map below to see the locations of the Gunnsion County homes:


Community Rebuilds does not currently have dates set for the next projects in Gunnision County. We hope to be building in the area again soon, and are still accepting applications for future builds.  

Eligible applicants must have lived in Gunnison County for at least two years and be considered low or very-low income. Click here to see the current income limits for Gunnison County, CO set by USDA Rural Development. 

Do you fall in that range? Get started on your application for Community Rebuilds' Homeownership Program. Struggling to afford a home, but above the income limit? Deductions may be applicable, so we strongly encourage you to still apply.

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